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We’ve been helping real estate investors with their fix-and-flip projects since 2008

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Need short-term financing for your next fix-and-flip deal? We offer flexible hard money loans that make funding your deals in Houston, TX straightforward and easy. With flexible terms, lending amounts and options, we’re confident that we can help you find the right loan for your next investment. Our loan officers have over 30 years combined experience helping homeowners and investors achieve their lending needs.

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Why We're One of Houston's Top Hard Money Lenders

bueno para todo tipo de propiedades

opciones de pago inicial bajo

condiciones de préstamo flexibles

tarifas competitivas

bueno para todo tipo de propiedades

opciones de pago inicial bajo

condiciones de préstamo flexibles

tarifas competitivas

bueno para todo tipo de propiedades

opciones de pago inicial bajo

condiciones de préstamo flexibles

tarifas competitivas

What People Are Saying About Matador Lending

They are really good, professional and honest. Everything during the deal was transparent and no hiccups, surprises or hidden costs. Very smooth dealing. I would highly recommend them.

Manish J.

Fundamentos del Préstamo puente


What is a Hard Money Loan

While a traditional loan is typically used by owner-occupants and investors looking for long-term fixed debt, hard money loans are typically privately funded and intended for investment properties that need a short-term loan to rehab the property.


Once the property has completed rehab, the investor will typically sell it for a profit and pay off the hard money loan. In some cases, investors will also keep the property as a rental and refinance into long-term fixed rate debt in order to pay off the hard money loan.


Are There Any Credit Score Requirements?

There’s no minimum FICO score needed to qualify for our hard money loans.


What's The Maximum Loan Amount I Can Receive

Matador Lending offers short-term hard money loans from $30,000 to $2,000,000. Our loan-to-value goes up to 75% of the after repair value (ARV), or up to 95% of the loan-to-cost of your entire purchase plus rehab cost.


What Terms Do You Offer?

Terms typically range from 6-24 months.


Do You Offer Hard Money Loans In Other Areas of Texas?

Yes! We have customers all across Texas, including Austin, San Antonio, Dallas, and Fort Worth.


I've never flipped a house. Can I still get a hard money loan?

Everyone has to start somewhere! We work with property investors of all experience levels, provided they meet our minimum qualification criteria. The more experience you have, the better rates you get.


Can I Refinance and Keep The Property Instead of Selling It (Known as The BRRRR Method)?

Yes you can! Our team of loan experts have loan options for a post rehab refinance for all borrower scenarios, whether refinancing into your personal name with a conventional loan or into an entity (like an LLC). We also offer more creative qualifying income loan products like a DSCR (Debt Service Coverage Ratio) loan.

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